Hi , I really can't stand my domestic helper. She's such a starer ( as in she really stares hard at people). So damn rude and I have feedback to the agency about it. She still behaves this way. Really makes me very uncomfortable and pissed. She stares at whoever comes into the kitchen as she rests in the kitchen. Ur every movement is being scrutinized. How to deal with such situation please?

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When you have feedback to the agency, did the agency speak to the maid? secondly, you also need to feedback to the maid to let her know it's rude and not nice. Ask her is there any issue with people stepping into the kitchen?

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7y ago

Yes, first time I feedback to agency, they spoke to her. So in a way she knows we don't like it. I glared at her when I couldn't stand it and she even looked away with a sucky face. Can't stand her to the max!!!

Change the helper, simple. You are paying to get uncomfortable. Otherwise have you tried talking to her?

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If you are not happy, you should definitely change helper

7y ago

She is new like with us for 3 months. Due to new circumstances, I only require her for 3 more months so changing one seems alittle troublesome.