We are planning a trip abroad, and our kids are just 6 and 9 and we are thinking of leaving them back with my parents thinking that they are too small to remember this trip anyway. We are thinking on the financial front as well, as the trip would cost us a bomb, and we would like to take our kids when they grow up little more and can have memories. Is it fine to leave them back or we are getting selfish?

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As far as the kids won't remember thing is concerned, I would differ with you, as 6 and 9 is an age when kids do remember things and the vivid memories of this time stay with them forever. Plus, it is not all about not remembering. Being 6 and 9, they would have an awesome time with the two best people in their lives. Yes, if you are concerned about the financial part then you can plan a trip where you all can fit in. Why go to just USA if it is not in the budget. You are already questioning the idea, what if you leave the kids behind and throughout the trip keep missing them there and worrying about them! Your whole trip will anyway be spoiled. I suggest, take the kids along. Also, if you do not take them it is in no way selfish, but only if you can totally have fun without them and do not keep worrying during the entire trip.

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Just took my 8 month old baby and 3 year old toddler to a bakcpacking trip to Japan. It was crazy but it was fun and a learning experience for all of us. Although they may not remember much of it but we can look back on the photos and my toddler really enjoyed the hiking in the nature part. He remembered a lot of things from the trip and he gets to meet some sumo wrestlers. You are not being selfish, if you want to totally enjoy the trip with your hubby and have a romantic time with him, so be it. A lot of parents do that. As for me, I can't bear the thought of leaving my kids behind but it's totally your decision :-) Have fun! :-)

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I remember my US trip to Universal Studios and Disneyland when i was 4. And i remember playing with snow at Grand Canyon. But its fine if you want some private time. You may think of bringing them for cheaper places. Eg. JB Malacca Bintan Batam etc. I'm sure every kid like to go overseas and see new things. I consider myself pretty well travelled when i was young. And i remember most of it, and i learned alot during my trip. History, culture. When i was 9 I took 3rd class railway train in thailand and squeezed with locals bringing chickens. Bringing kids overseas, means teaching them outside if the textbook.

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its your call after all but i absolutely differ in this. in fact, we have taken some amazing international trips with our kids, ever since they were as young as a year old, and trust me, they remember every single bit. not the ones they took when they were a year old, but most of them after. at 6 and 9, your kids are more than enough grown up to remember the trip for life and enjoy every bit of it. about the financial part, it is always possible to plan and make way for everyone.

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I don’t think it’s selfish. It’s ok. I’d be having the same thoughts as you as you’d need time out as a couple instead of being parents. I used to know a couple in their late 40s who have teen kids and they travel each year once with kids and once without so they have time for each other.

Its totally your prerogative. Also, as your kids have grown up a bit you need to ask them if they are okay with you not taking them. If they are okay and you have a good support system then go for it.

It’s ok to take some times off and leave them behind. We, parents, deserve some vacation.

I don't agree.... children never forget even a moment with their parents...

It's okay and lots of parents do that. Time for some quality time :)

Absolutely ok. Have some ‘us’ time!