We are planning a trip abroad, and our kids are just 6 and 9 and we are thinking of leaving them back with my parents thinking that they are too small to remember this trip anyway. We are thinking on the financial front as well, as the trip would cost us a bomb, and we would like to take our kids when they grow up little more and can have memories. Is it fine to leave them back or we are getting selfish?

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I remember my US trip to Universal Studios and Disneyland when i was 4. And i remember playing with snow at Grand Canyon. But its fine if you want some private time. You may think of bringing them for cheaper places. Eg. JB Malacca Bintan Batam etc. I'm sure every kid like to go overseas and see new things. I consider myself pretty well travelled when i was young. And i remember most of it, and i learned alot during my trip. History, culture. When i was 9 I took 3rd class railway train in thailand and squeezed with locals bringing chickens. Bringing kids overseas, means teaching them outside if the textbook.

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