We are planning a trip abroad, and our kids are just 6 and 9 and we are thinking of leaving them back with my parents thinking that they are too small to remember this trip anyway. We are thinking on the financial front as well, as the trip would cost us a bomb, and we would like to take our kids when they grow up little more and can have memories. Is it fine to leave them back or we are getting selfish?

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its your call after all but i absolutely differ in this. in fact, we have taken some amazing international trips with our kids, ever since they were as young as a year old, and trust me, they remember every single bit. not the ones they took when they were a year old, but most of them after. at 6 and 9, your kids are more than enough grown up to remember the trip for life and enjoy every bit of it. about the financial part, it is always possible to plan and make way for everyone.

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