When is the time we start to take note of what to eat and what not to eat?

When should we be strict with what we eat? I am at my 5th week and we have yet to announce the news to our parents. We are planning to let them know after we return from our honeymoon, so I am worried that they are cooking food that I shouldn't take during this period.

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Always best to start as soon as possible to get into the habit of knowing what food is good and safe during pregnancy. You might want to read the blogs on this website https://www.theprenatalnutritionist.com/blog/ And also follow her on IG. She gives great advice with scientific backings, meaning debunking “pantang foods” that really doesn’t make much sense to abide by. I’ve been following lots of guidelines from her and a few more. My first pregnancy was a healthy one with no GD and excellent count for all points in all my blood tests. And my first born came out healthy and he barely falls sick. Not even when he gets his japs. I strongly believe due to the nutrition I had during my pregnancy. And now I’m on my second and I’m doing the same thing. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy ahead and congratulations!

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thank you for sharing!

You can eat every thing. But avoid caffeine, raw food, soft boil eggs, pineapple & grape.

3mo ago

thank you for sharing !