Pinoy moms and dads, what lesson has your child taught you?

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My baby taught me how to be frugal. I was such a big impulse buyer back then when I didn't had my babe. I would go shop without thinking of saving my money. But now, things have change because of my priorities. Well, I can't really say that I've got rid of that bad habit completely, but I know I've learned how to control my desires because of what my baby needs.

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Since I had my first baby, I learned how to be grateful and content for every single blessing. For me, the greatest blessing I've ever received are my children. I treasure them and every moment I spend with them, be it simple or grand.

My child has taught me to appreciate the simplest things in life. I can be so happy now just staying in the house over the weekend, cuddling and playing with them. I don't need to go out with friends or go shopping to find happiness.

being a mom for eight years..i learned to be patient...all the time..the crying the tantrums...everything..and i learned to be a selfless person..when you have kids its not about you about them...which im very proud of..

To be grateful and appreciative of what I have. Since I became a mom, I know how to appreciate life better in general, appreciate my mom more, appreciate the little things/milestones my baby can do and cannot do yet.

I learned how to be selfless when I had my first child. It was then I realized that I could love someone so much more than myself and my family. I am willing to do everything and anything for my child.

My baby thought me to balance my life. Especially in Work and Family aspects.

Patience. She taught me how to be more patient on her and in everything.

Maging matipid. Kase unpredictable naman yung pagkaka-sakit ng bata e.