Pinoy moms and dads, what's the primary language you're teaching your toddlers? English or Filipino or another dialect?

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English first. Filipino next. And Cebuano last. English because it is the universal language. Filipino beacuse we live here in Manila. Cebuano because my hubby and I are Cebuanos. Our main language at home is English when the whole family is in one room together. But we have Filipino time, as well as Cebuano time per week.

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This is just my opinion but for me, I start with Filipino first since that's what she'll use when communicating with other people, especially when she starts schooling. English can be secondary since it'll be taught in school.

Filipino first and gradually in English. I talk to my baby in Filipino most of the time but I do inject English words as often as needed. We speak Filipino in our household so I don't want him to get confused