Pinoy moms and dads, what are the top 2 things you fight about?

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What we usually fight about is money. We have different perspectives in managing our finances, my principle is that we need to have less expenses and more savings. My husband on the other hand has more expenses than I have. So we really clash. What we do is we usually sit down and talk about the pros and cons of every decision that we make especially when it comes to business, so that he will better understand where I am coming from and the importance of saving. Second is raising our son. You see, we have different cultures. I was born and raised in Manila and he is from Iloilo. The culture in Manila and in the province are very much different and we usually fight about that. But in the end if I know that what he plans is the best for our child, then I let him decide.

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Ours maybe petty but..if I were to think about the top 2, it would be a. food to be served (be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner--kasama na din meryenda) and b. TV channels. And I am serious about this as we always always argue about these two topics every.single.time. But, of course, we always end up giving way to one another. (or more of he giving in to my requests)

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Family differences, handling of finances and work. These 3 are interrelated and it's been a challenge for me to talk to my husband about these things because we have are totally opposites in terms of perspective in life.

Time and finance management, and also differences in beliefs and preferences. There's always disagreements when it comes to these things but we also try to figure things out at the end of the day.

Personal preferences, family culture and background. It's very challenging to keep up with someone if he has the opposite beliefs as you, and wouldn't even listen to your opinion.

I think vices will be the top cause of our quarrel in case he gets back to his old ways and keeping secrets is secondary.

It's usually finances talaga...and time..for me time is the most important thing you can give to your kids..

First I think is buying something out of budget. Second is, prioritizing his hobbies over us.

1. Time management and priorities 2. Interfering in-laws

Ours was 1. Time management 2.Behavioral differences