Spouse is my Best Friend

People think I’m weird because I love hanging out with my husband. He’s honestly my best friend!! I don’t have “girl friends” Who else likes hanging out with their SO over other people?!

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No it’s not weird at all Having your husband as your best friend is great, as it is important to know how to be best friends with your spouse too

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Awww...So sweet but in a way yes the hubs should be our best friend. Still I encourage you to make more girl friends if you can(:

Nothing weird bout it. I hang out with my hubby everytime haha but it's good to mix it up meet your old friend

Yeah me. I love listening to him. Eventhough he bullshit a lot.. And I know he is bullshitting. Just weird

Me!!! I don't really have close friends, so I really love hanging out with my husband more 😘😊

My most favourite thing EVER! Wouldn't change it for anything! :)

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It's normal as we spend most of the non work time with spouse

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Same as mine. My hubby will bring me go along too.

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Me too.!!!! I love hanging out with my hubby..!!

My wife loves to hangout with me lol. Lucky me!!