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Rashes? Allergy? Sensitive Skin?
Dear parents, is this normal for a 3 weeks old baby? How do you cure it? Her skin is perfectly fine when she is 1 week old.
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C a Dr.
Apply some daily lotion for baby?
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It's normal. My baby got them when I'm bf during confinement month. It's said that cos the food we took very heaty that's why baby will become like that. It goes away after 5 weeks.
It’s very normal , use the herbal bath for babies and it will go away . Do note that the rash will come and go from time to time , highlight this to your PD so they will note this down and advise you
My baby also had such rashes ..we used the baby herbal bath from eu yang san to bathe him n it go better
NB Breathing Sound
I felt my NB breathing sound is a bit too loud sometimes. Is it normal?
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Normal but better consult a pediatrician if the breathing gets louder or heavier
Yes normal
Hi, Yes it is normal but do consult doctor if you are worried
Thanks mummies 💙🙏🏻
Spectra S1+
Any encounter before ur spectra s1+ vibrating non stop and hang? Not able to on and off or do any adjustment. How do you solve it?
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Is it still within warranty? Mine was ok throughout 1 year usage
Breast Swollen And Painful
Hi mummies, anyway to clear swollen and painful feelings? I tried put cabbage on my breast, let my little one latch and pump the milk out. But still couldn't work.
Any pus? Try massage for 20mins and use hot compress. Keep latching and pumping for longer like 30 mins. You may need to call lactation lady if doesn’t work.
About Baby Approaching
How do you feel when baby approaching, what's the feeling of water bag break? Will water bag break without ur notice and what will happen?
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If your water breaks, you’ll know. It’s a huge gush of fluid that bursts out of you (usually after a very strong painful contraction). When labour is here, you’ll start having contractions that get st
water break is warm almost like peeing but you cant control the liquid flow,i can mot feel baby aproching as i was induced i had no idea what labour feels like which i waa curiusr about too