Mentally tired

What do you do when you are exhausted. Like no one can ever understand and help you. Even your own hubby. You just want to get away from everyone everybody to have a peaceful mind. It’s like you only have your baby and hubby. You already giving up with your in law as they don’t really help much and out of respect you don’t want to really speak out your words as they can be mean. And you are far away from your main family from your parents. Nobody can help. #1stimemom #mentalbreakdown

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are you in good terms with any of your family members? if so, you may want to ask them to help look after your baby for a few hours while you get some me time. trust me, i am just like in your position.. staying with in laws... they treat my baby like part time grandson, shows favouritism to other grandchildren, husband rarely bring me and baby out but when he does its usually bc family outing with his family 🙄 (i alrdy stay with them yet go out also with them) when i tell husband im bored and want to go jalan2, he will reply too tired.. but when his family invite to go out, he so fast reply ok cn and then drag me along.. so miserable my life.. but once a week, i will go back to my parents place and chill.. they takecare of baby for me while i do my own thing or get some sleep. im staying at north east while parents stay at east. imagine i have to travel that far and by public transport just to get some extra sleep or get a little me time

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right? i also thought the same thing as you. but during confinement, we stayed with my parents, and my parents were so nice to him.. unlike his mother is twards me.. now i make plans to go out without him.. usually on weekdays with my family.. sometimes weekend, just me and baby.. then he will feel leftout and wanna tag along.. lol...

Cry, cry, cry and cry. Let it out, Mama. Don't hold it in. Talk to someone especially mothers (those who are experience and i highly recommend young mothers because our mothers or mil may have different views), share with them what you're going through, rant to them all you want. High chance they will listen and support you 101%. I was depressed, emotionally and mentally tired during my postpartum period. I cried as much as i could, i talk to young mothers who are my friends or colleagues. It helped alot. They really check on me once in a while because they understood that it's not easy. If you have an understanding husband then you are lucky so go and talk to him. But my advice, the last thing you would want to do is talking to your husband as they don't understand what we exactly go through. Hugs for you 💖

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Giving birth in a foreign land is really difficult. I, myself, experienced that twice when I gave birth to my daughters. You can partly blame it to hormones but in reality, it is only you who could help yourself as well. Self-Care, gratitude and surround yourself more with positivity. Feel free to DM me on IG @themommywithagoal so we can have a quick chat if you need someone to talk to😊 You got this momma!

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Take care of your sleep! That's what I do, shut down and sleep. I feel insufficient rest will tire us down and make us think too much 😮‍💨 I know its not easy for some to grab that extra precious hours but we gotta care for ourselves eh? May you be given a peace of mind and strength! Jia yo, mummy!!

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tell your husband how you feel and ask him to take care of baby a while so that you can enjoy some me time. you feel better after that. talk to your friends