Do you still share all your worries and problems with your parents now that you have your own family?

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Not really, especially when I can tell that my mother is troubled with something. When that's the case, then I let her talk her problem out first. I don't want to burden her with mine. She has already raised me to be independent and self-sufficient, and so I do my best to let her know that this time, it's her children's turn to take care of her when she needs the help.

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3y ago

nice.. but my father still dont want me to be inderpendent.. im almost 40 vut still treat like im kid... so bored

Only with my mother on certain problem especially when I need second opinion 😉 Normally older people have more experience and more wise in making decision..

Sometimes, cause they help me decide to those situation by giving me suggestions and the outcome of my actions it helps me alot ❤️❤️

Never since my story will eventually being spread among fmily mmbers n they like judging people instead of helping to sort things out

of coz. but not for complaining small matters.. just asking for oppinions and decisions making in case there r too much for me to handle.

I used to. But not anymore. she doesn't understand the concerns or worries I'm having. she just likes to rub salt into the wound

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Yes i do, my mum listen to my sorrows as a daughter in law, the problems i face with kids and work stuffs.

I used to, but now, I try to limit sharing every problem to my mom. I don't want her to worry too much.

Sometimes I do,because I need their opinions to help me out with my problem.

Nope. Because my mom and family were never there from the start.