Traditional parenting versus modern parenting

So everyone, I'm just curious, do you parent your child with a traditional approach – as perhaps practised by your own parents – or in a modern-parenting style?

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both i guess. i just parent based on my knowledge and experience. my MIL which is so much older than my own mum, never say anything abt my parenting style (only scold my hubs for his style bc sometimes so bullshit 😂).

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I just do it as I see fit 😂 And so far, my parents and in-laws and friends feel that there are no issues with my parenting.. so I just carry on doing what I’m doing

Mixture of both. Good to have traditional values/practices with a mix of modern values/practices in today's modern society.

both bc there are times where i personally felt that prolly some of the traditional ways actually do makes sense..

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Closer to modern

A mix of both..

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Hybrid of both

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mixed i suppose