Oats for breast milk supply

Oats. Does it work to increase breast milk supply?

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It didn't for me :'( I had a bowl of oatmeal & greek yoghurt for breakfast everyday because my colleague said her supply increase because of this. According to websites, oatmeals contains iron and studies have shown that maternal anemia, or low iron levels can cause a decrease in milk supplies. If oat meals are not working for you, you can try other milk boosting food like fenugreek or chia seeds. Here's a link that suggest other food alternatives: http://www.mom365.com/baby/breastfeeding/10-foods-to-increase-lactation.aspx?m=1&

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Agree with Evelyn that effectiveness differs for everyone. Regardless, I make overnight oatmeal simply because they are nutritious, delicious, and very easy to make! You can take a look at this mummy's blog entry for inspiration on the things you want to add in: https://mummylilthought.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/milk-booster-over-night-oatmeal/ For me, I always soak my rolled oats in chocolate milk, add some chia seeds, some peanut butter or yogurt. Top it up with some fruits in the morning for a balanced and complete breakfast. :)

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Cant say that it works for everyone. I have heard that it works for some but it never did for me. Then again, back to basic, water, milk, pump, massage, rest and a good diet would definitely work. It boils down to discipline and determination. Everything else varies to each its own. For me, back to basic, no pills no supplements. I like it natural. On a side note milo worked for me :)

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Yes! I love oats! My breasts will always be full after I consume oat products. But again what works for me may not works for you. You have to test it yourself. I recommend you to try Magnolia Oat plus. It very yummy and you can get it from NTUC!

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Yes, I've breastfeed my oldest untill she was 1 year and 10 months. I currently breastfeeding my 1 year old still. Oats and lots of water:)

Checkpees and green salad specially Rocca salad, and lentil soup, you will see the difference, it was very effective with my wife

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Think it’s really up to individual though. Different mummies have different boosters and milk killers.

There are cookies that help boost your supply that you can order online or find at some chemists xx

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I think its not for everyone, just like fish doesn't work for all mums too!

Using mixer try go make tomato juice, it's help to increase breastmilk.