Chia seeds. Does it work to increase breast milk supply?

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I had a slight improvement when I had chia seeds. It wasn't much but it was noticeable for me. I had ordered confinement food and the lady who prepares my meal (home based) often include tea time snacks into her meals and I loved it! I had chocolate brownies with chia seeds, marble cake with chia seeds. Her also frequently used chia seeds in her meals too and it was so, so delicious. The picture I enclose was one of my favourites that I had during my 30 days package with her. I can't remember the rates but it was pretty affordable and included delivery.

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Yes, some mothers do use this as milk booster but effectiveness is dependent on every individual. Again, I take it because it is nutritious and it makes a great pudding substitute! Try this recipe: I did not blend the stuff as I was lazy. But once you get the seed-to-liquid ratio right, the pudding-like texture is awesome! My go-to whenever I want my chocolate pudding fix. :)

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Yes. Chia seed is a common milk booster. But different mommies react differently to it. You can test it to see if it works for you! You can add about one teaspoon to all your food such as Milo, salad, mixed vegetable rice, fish soup, bread with peanut butter, etc. However, don't add in too much as it lower blood pressure. Chia seed can be obtained from i herb

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Cumin seeds increase breast milk...take 1 teaspoon with warm milk at night and see it works

I trust in the old grannies trick,soft porridge and tea,, it works.


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varies person to person. nothing worked for me 😢

Yes chia seeds are considered as milk boosters

try stawari powder

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Try chickpeas too