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would you accept that you mother sister breastfeed your baby? if she has baby same age
Is it ok or no?
Yes, it's totally fine. My baby is almost the same age as his 2 cousins and they are all exclusively breastfed now. When they were newborns I used to breastfeed my niece since her mom's milk is very
Breastfeed no.. It is a very personal bond.. I wouldn't want baby to mistaken her as the mother
Choose the right time you will be happy
This is addressed for wives who have hot tempered husband, here are some tips, 1. Understand what he likes and what he hates and do not like. 2. Do not tell him your problems immediately after he retu
Do you feel the same guys?
Last time I was in a coffee shop and there was lady with her baby 1 month old and she was giving me her back,and before breastfeeding her baby she was looking right and left,and she looked at me and t
she was Conscious
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I believe the lady was just conscious of her breastfeeding in public. Don’t worry.
is being jealous is a sign of love?
If your suppose gets jealous is this a sign of love? What if being too much jealous? What to do to reduce this jealous?
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Most people perceive jealousy as loving the person very much but it sometimes can be a sign of insecurity and that can be very unhealthy in a relationship. The best way to handle it is to assure your
Does some women thinks men are ATM machine?
Does your wife thinks you are a bank? How to convince them we are not a bank?
I certain don't think nor treat my husband as a bank. I earn the money I need and want
Question for you both would you dare?
Imagine your office mate (she) has a baby 1 month old and your baby is also one month old, what will you do if she offered to breastfeed your baby with her baby? For a mom would you feel comfortable i
Why do you want her to breastfeed your bb? Why dont just express and give your bb her bm if really in a pinch? Haha. For me i wont let coz i jealous LOL
hi guys, do you have the same experience
hi guys, I work for 10 hours every day except weekend, and reach home around 5:00 PM so I feel no time for my self and family, do you have the same situation and what do you do in such situations.
oh hard working
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I only reach home around 8 plus 9 everyday so have to make full use of weekends to bond with baby
What is the best way to punish kids for their mistakes?
Dear all, can you share your experiences, What is the best way to punish kids for their mistakes? thanks
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I believe in naughty corner and talking to them at their eye level to let them know it’s wronf
what you normslly you send your kids to bed at night?
Any suggestion for suitable time and how to comfort them to sleep alone?
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Hi... may I know how old is your kid?
have you heard about the 90 days rule?
the 90 days rule says that if you succeeded to change your child behavior for 90 days then you will change it for ever, so you should think of good habits and let your kid practice it for ninety days,
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Hi... I’ve never heard of the 90 days rule but I’ve read that it takes 21 days to change a habit. According to the experts, it takes about 21 days to break or form a habit pattern of medium complexity