How long before milk booster take effect?

When mums say a certain food or drink helps to boost their milk supply, usually how long after eating or drinking the milk booster do they see the increase in supply? For example, I see mummies going "Wow I pumped more milk just now. Must be the durians I ate durians for dinner." Does the effect show up soon during the next pump? I would like to know so i can track and figure out what are my boosters. Maybe you can share how long after you ate or drank your milk booster did you notice your increase in milk supply please?

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Hello Mummy! Most breastfeeding mothers see an improvement in milk supply usually starting after the first week. If you are regularly expressing and taking the medication, the milk supply should improve within 3-4 weeks. If this doesn't happen, you may want to consult with your doctor so he/she can review your dosage and use. Take care!

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i'm not sure tho 😅