Need to rant it out. Me and my hubby decided not to do baby 1st month shower but my in laws side insisted on doing and I currently staying with at my mother house. If we are doing the baby shower we have to go to my in laws house and do and if I do my in law side, my own family side also have to do. So make it 2 baby shower. So fuzzy ler. Say what "it's their first grandson have to do." It's just 1 month celebration and I am not that pantang kind of mother. Just feel my in laws side very irritating.

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If in laws insist on doing, can arrange for the party to take place at your mom's place? Why do you have to be the one to travel over to their house to celebrate when in fact this is your baby and you should decide how it is done. Like if you already give in to organising a baby shower then they have to compromise on the other rules you set. You know, give and take. Cannot be they insist everything and you have to follow. You are the parent so you decide what is best :)

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Any chance to get an outside venue and have both sides of family come at the same time? Maybe a friend's condo function room . If you really don't feel like doing then tell your husband to let the parents know firmly and that you all will invest more efforts for the first day? How about doing 100 day celebration? I know moms are so tired after confinement that we don't want to plan for another party .

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I know there are those instead of doing a full month celebration, they opted for celebration after 100 days. Perfect excuse to delay and for you to rest. Try to consolidate the celebration in a day at the same location ie lunch for in laws, dinner for your side. Or book function room or chalet or HDB pavilion.

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Y not get another venue so that u can do together for both sides? Some of my friends get their friends or relatives to help book condo function rooms to hold the baby showers. Otherwise, cafes/ hotel function room etc ?

I only did with my in laws family. My parents didn't insist on it and in fact they told me not to do it. Can double check if your parents mind or not. If not then just so it at your in laws.

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I was in the same exact situation as you. The best way to settle it both is to do it a outside venue. This way BOTH families are able to come and celebrate their FIRST grandchild.

Totally feel you mummy. I got my husband to talk to his family but lucky my side is more understanding. You’re not alone!!

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Never had any 1 month / 100 days party, and don't think we missed out at all on anything.

We both agree not doing due to convid19 both side parent also agree.

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no-no now