Just need a place to rant. Now preggy with #2 at 33 wks so i dunno if its just me and my emotional hormones but this really got me upset. Very very upset. My in laws stays in JB and we rarely meet. But my #1 was admitted to hospital due to viral infection last wk but no one frm hubby's side came to visit. We have my BIL staying at our place (who contributes NOTHING) but he too dnt bother to show up at the hospital for the 3 days we were there nor help us with the chores while we stay at the hosp with #1. When we came home after discharge, the whole house was in a mess. Even till today, no signs of my in laws wanting to come to visit their sick grandchild. I really feel sad for my kids if this is how the other side of the family is. Oh, no one even bothered about my 2nd pregnancy either. I really dunno how to tell this to my hubby but i really want my BIL out. I didn't even agree to have him here for months now cos he initially said its for a few days only. I hv hinted to say that i didnt want anyone in the house after i hv given birth. Previously with #1, my younger BIL aged 10 was over at our place and i had to take care of him while caring for a newborn and trying to recover frm birth and my MIL dnt even bother to call him to come home! Im upset, angry n disappointed at how my in laws are. I dnt even wanna try to get close to them. So much so that i think im beginning to hate my hubby too. What should i do? ?

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Let me share with you a little bit of my story. I have a mom and a dad both in other countries. My mom is 16 years older then me. They are seperated. When i got married, no one came, she never met my husband nor my kids. Least to say she had never even bothered meeting me. Neither did she give me her blessings nor any contribution. Since young, she had been like this. Now i have 2 kids, they have never seen my boys. I often send her pictures though, never once has she acknowledged them. And this is my biological mum who studies counselling and psychology. And i ask myself, if my mom dont love me who would. Now what im trying to say is, those are your inlaws. Dont feel to bad about it, there are many others who have it hard as well. Not that im comparing to you. But i hope with this, you will feel better. I have broken down many times as well. Iam 25 years old this year and undergoing therapy. No one came to visit my boys or me either till the point that i was going to give birth and there was no one to help. No friends nor family. I understand how you feel. My message to you is simply this, you are not alone. Big hugs dear!

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Hugs, 1) how's ur hb relationship with his parents? If ur hb doesn't have a gd relationship with his parents then I think is ok for them not to come. They already treat their own Son like that... just dun care abt them. Your children will grow up to know what kind of grands they are. 2) how old is the Bil who is staying at your place? Is he working in sg? If so, it may be difficult for u to "chase" him away. Cause to him ur place is free stay for him. Unless u can thicken ur skin and request for him to pay rent? Then just treat him as a tenant

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