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Hi! You may find this article useful for some tips on how to foster longer attention span in babies: Mentioned in the article are these seven ways: 1. Having minimal entertainment and stimulation. This is to prevent overstimulation and allowing the baby to have some uninterrupted time to fully experience the things going on in their environment 2. Not having TV or videos in the first two years. TV and videos may overwhelm a child and undermine their development of attention span. 3. Having a “safe”, cozy place for baby. To enable a baby to be occupied for longer periods of time. 4. Giving baby simple, open-ended toys and objects. This will allow baby to examine the object in detail. 5. Observe the baby and don’t interrupt them. This can allow one to understand his/her baby better. Follow baby’s gaze to see what he/she is looking at. Learn when to “interrupt” the baby as he/she breaks away from what he/she was focusing on. 6. Allowing baby to choose. He/she will choose in engage in activities that interests them, which will allow them to stay more focused on the activity. 7. Don’t encourage distractions. Instead of distracting babies during the more mundane tasks, think of ways to involve the baby. Hope this helps!
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