Which is better?

Natural Birth? Epidural? C-Sec? Which is better?

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It depends on you and your baby. If your baby is in the cephalic position (head down), the placenta is not too low, baby’s not too big, and you’re in good health, you can opt for normal vaginal delivery. If your baby’s in breech position (legs down), placenta is too low, baby is very big, or you have other health issues, your gynae would recommend that you go for a C-section. Some mothers want normal vaginal deliveries as they feel it’s more natural, but if your gynae recommends C-sect for medical reasons, do try to understand. Some mothers want C-sect straight up so they don’t need to go through labour pains/pushing or the risk of perineal tears, but do also note that after delivery, recovery is often longer because of a big wound. Whichever method of delivery you choose, you’re still a great mum! Delivering your baby safely is the most important thing! With regards to pain relief, depending on which country you’re in, there are various methods of pain relief. In Singapore, there’s laughing gas, a pain relief injection (pethidine) and epidural. Alternatively, there’s meditation and breathing exercises to get you through the pain. Usually, epidural’s the best bet if you want the least amount of pain during labour, but speak to the doctor to understand the procedure and small risks. Hope this helps:)

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Honestly, natural birth is better, if your health and baby's condition permits you too. Also, without the tear and episiotomy, because without these, you can heal faster than a week or two. C-sect can take months to heal, and you cannot overstress yourself otherwise your stitches will open. For epidural, is by luck. If your doctor is experienced to poke that big needle in your spine, you're lucky. But if doctor poke wrongly, everything can go wrong, so need to cross fingers.

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Natural birth is better, if your health status and baby condition permits. Recovery after delivery will be faster and you can plan for 2nd baby after one year later. For c-sect, best to wait for at least 2 years after delivery.

Natural birth would be better.. faster recovery.. less painful in terms of post delivery.. epidural or not depends on you (if you can bear with pain or not).. :)

I insist on natural with epidural. My epidural doc did a good job without me feeling pain and my gynae managed to solve some complication during natural birth

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Some babies need to be delivered via C-section even if you're hoping for a traditional vaginal birth. So do consult your gynae

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natural birth cause recover faster and safer. if c-sect, quite risky and futhermore, you will heal a longer time.

Thanks god im Natural birth, also want to take epidural but cancel so normal birth better

Natural definitely better. However we cannot control what will happen during delivery.


I wanted natural but ended up having csect. It depends on situation also.