Natural or C SECT?

Which one is better?

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I’ve decided to go for Csec the moment I found out I was pregnant because I know I would probably faint before baby is out if I go for natural (fear of needles and low tolerance for pain). And also, I don’t like it that I don’t know when my baby is coming out, will I scream or faint on the streets so I would rather plan and know beforehand. So it really comes down to you and what your concerns are towards both methods. You can try asking your husband for his opinion :)

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personal preference I opt for csec because I don't like waiting games and pain, I prefer to plan everything myself. Csec is not as scary as what other's say, recovery can be fast too

Super Mum

Hi Perlin, It really depends on your preference actually. There’s really no right or wrong way to birth. However please do your due diligence. An informed decision is always best.

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People always say natural is better at healing. Anyway, i had a natural birth just recently. Csec was a choice i would hv made if baby remained in breech position!

9mo ago

My baby was in breech at 32 wks. By 35 wks apptment she turned to the correct position! Delivered at 39wks+ by natural birth :)

both has pro n cons n depend on individual situation n gyane too


it depends on your preference and situation