At which week did you give birth? Weight of baby

Hello! I am a FTM who is in her third trimester. Was wondering 1) at which week did you guys give birth? 2) what was the weight of your little one at birth? 3) Natural? Elective C section? Emergency C section?

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1st child, 39w, 21hrs of labour, 3.5, natural (he is turning 14 this year) 2nd child, 39w, 7hrs of labour, 3.4, natural with epidural (he is turning 9 this year) but he also gave me 2 false alarms before birth 😬 Currently at 24w(2nd tri) with 3rd child. Dear mummy, every mummy is different and every body is different with different experiences. I wish u all the best for your delivery! 😘

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My first baby I gave birth last August 2021. 17 hours of labour 1) 38 weeks 6 days 2) 2.6kg 3) Natural no epidural Started having some contractions at 8pm the day before. Endure them till 11am at home 😂 showered and head to the hospital. Had no labour signs till i reached the hospital. 12pm reached the hospital was already 7cm dilated and there's bloody show on my undies. My baby came out exactly 1hr and 45mins later 🤣

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1) EDD 40 weeks + 1 (even though i dont have any medical conditon, doc suggested to induce to avoid c sect as claim that research shows FTM induce before week 40 can reduce c sect, but I really don't like the idea of inducing, I wanted baby to ownself decide to come out at week 40 so waited abit more) 2) 2.995kg for my baby gal 3) epidural but natural delivery with vacuum assistance as baby head was not straight

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1st child - 36 weeks (3.5kg) 2nd child - 38 weeks (3.1kg) 3rd child - 37 weeks (3.4kg) 4th child - hahaha overdue 40 weeks (3.5kg) 5th child - soon hahahaha 2) all 4th pregnancy with normal delivery have a safe delivery mummies ❤

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2mo ago

hehehe thank you insyallah

1st child 38 wks 3.3kg natural 12hrs labour 2nd child 35 wks 2.3kg natural 2 hrs labor 3rd child currently 21wks All the best mummy... May it Go smooth for u

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I gave birth at 39w4d with a 3.96kg baby. I had a emergency c sec as baby was too big and i was running a high fever of 39.6.

38.5 weeks 3.05kg natural 35.5 weeks 2.67kg natural both bleeding n dilation at 3cm when admitted.

1) 👦40weeks + 1day 👧38weeks 2) 👦3.9kg 👧3.3kg 3) 👦👧Both are natural🤍

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10mo ago

Mine both is induce but give birth naturally, no epi, not csect.

38 weeks 2 days 3.05kg Emergency csert as baby was breech and water bag burst.

Both on EDD 3.2kg and 3.4kg Both natural without epidural