Natural vs CC

Natural versus CC section which one is better?

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I don't think they're comparable to each other - both has its own "pros and cons", but I don't think one is better than the other! You may have certain preferences based on your own circumstances, but at the end of the day, when it's emergency time - it's not something you can 100% control because you may need emergency c-section when you wanted a natural birth, or you might end up delivering before a scheduled c-section :)

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natural will be the option all gynaes will suggest. but then again, some woman chose c sect because they doesn't have to go through labour and pain plus is very fast or they got low pin tolerance, giving birth through c sect is very fast but the healing process seems to take forever. I might sound sick but I enjoy the pain when I'm in labour, feeling every contraction and pushing my LO out. Lol.

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Until and unless you medically need a CC a natural birth is always better as you are actually avoiding a major surgery. The healing process is faster and you are back on your feet quite quickly as opposed to a CC.

I feel there is no "better" or "worse", it is best to go with what your doctor suggests, and what is best for baby and you.

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I heard the wound will recover faster if it is natural birth. However, I think it depends on situation of the delivery.

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natural cause it heals faster. but some people choose csection cause they dont want to go thru the labor pain.

I wanted to go for natural but cuz i jad gdm i small size and baby is big for me we go for csect.

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Natural but then pain is unbearable. Practice breathing technique before labor

Natural heal faster... u can get epidural if u got low tolerance of pain

natural.. c sec if got complications