Opting for C-section as subsidised patient?

As a subsidised patient under KKH, can I opt for c-section without medical reasons? I feel like I’m better prepared for c-section as opposed to natural birth. Would the doctors reject my request? #advicepls

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as for my suggestion, Csect is not recommended because the wound will heal very slowly & also depends on each and every diff body .. some takes months to half year to heal & also you need to take care of the wound that is on your belly everyday and also take care of your newborn baby .. but for natural birth , you will definitely have abit of difficulty when you bend down because of the epidural and also the natural birth. At KKH usually , some doctor will ask you why would you want CSect because not all doctor will recommend csect if your baby head is already down and also if there shouldn't be any problem that you baby can come outs from natural birth.

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Usually, c sects are for situations where natural delivery is not feasible, such as a larger baby, or difficulty during delivery that poses danger to both mother and child. I would advise against c sect if you are able to help it, as there are drawbacks to c sect if you go by that route. You can read up on them if you’re interested. For example, babies delivered by c sect have a different biome as opposed to babies born naturally, and that c sects can take longer to heal as opposed to natural birth.

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I just did emergency csect a week back and am still healing now as the wound hurts. My fren on the other hand had a natural delivery and is already moving around very well… she has a lower pain tolerance than me yet is able to handle natural birth…. So if u can, go for naturalbirth. But of cos, there’s no reason doc will reject your choice for csect. It’s your choice.

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Thanks for the advice all! The thing is, I already have a major scar at belly area (from an ovarian cyst operation) so I kind of know what to expect in terms of pain and scars for c-section… as opposed to natural birth which is a new territory for me hence the nervousness for going natural.. 🤣

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If you had prior surgery which means you are at higher risk of uterine rupture during contraction? That might be a good reason to opt for c sec. I don’t think the doc will say no.

discuss with your gynae csec can heal better and faster than natural, not as scary as what other's say I opt for csec because I'm afraid of PAIN and don't like the waiting games I didn't take pain killer on next day of c sec and able to move around too. take care 🙂

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6mo ago

so the doc under kkh subsidy allows you to opt for C sec without much question?

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yes you can but best to discuss with your gynae