My wife is five months pregnant but I am feeling sick lately. Do dads also experience pregnancy?

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A big YES! ☺️ My husband is a morning person before we became pregnant but when I was on my 1st trimester, he started being sleepy all the time. And he started having some cravings with unusual foods. ☺️

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Definitely YES! 🤣🤣🤣.. I was 4months preggy then he used to crave Graham cake!

That’s what they called Couvade Syndrome. They’re experiencing same feeling of expectant mother as if they are the pregnant.

Yes. My husband suddenly hates certain scents and food! He would be nauseous and he also has weird (occasionally rare) food cravings!

Maranasan kaya to ng asawa ko

Yes before nalalakadan na d ko Alam Taz kumakain sya Ng tira ko Yun always hikab always sleepy sya haha ... Taz kahit ano ano kinakain hahah

my husband,yes. he feels those cravings, not me 🤣

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LOL, nope.


Lol unfortunately no