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My wife is five months pregnant but I am feeling sick lately. Do dads also experience pregnancy?

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Yes. Husband's do get sick, have cravings, mood swings etc.
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My husband was stressed at that time 😭
Im currently at 24weeks of my pregnancy but im bothering of my babys movement. When i lay down i feel his movement and kicks. But when im standing or sitting i dont feel it. Is it normal?
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It's nothing my sister,dats a normal thing
Yes, Couvade Syndrome. It's when men are either physiologically or psychologically affected by their partner's pregnancy to such an extent that they adopt phantom pregnancy symptoms themselves. Nakiki-lihi at nakiki morning sickness. 😅
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psychological effect
Yes yung husband ko ilang days absent sa work tamad na tamad at tulog ng tulog😂😂😂
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