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Is it normal to have flu during pregnancy? I’m 8w3d pregnant and I’m sick.

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Wahhhh ever since being pregnant I have sinus!!! Even now 10 months post partum I’m still having sinus!!!!! Body changed a lot during pregnancy! While pregnant I had bad coughing with phlegm for a good 4-5 months no medication helped!

Yes normal. You'll have a cold in the 1st trimester due to the hormonal changes. Wear a sock, cover yourself with a blanket or comforter and shower with warm water. It will get better on the 2nd trimester.

Not for me and my friends. With Covid19 going on, it's better to visit doctor asap upon discovering you have flu symptoms.

yea. I have flu and cough throughout 1st tri for 2 preg.. it will get better at 2nd tri

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better to seek advice from your OB asap, Momsh.

Yeah it’s normal

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