My three year old sleep quite well in the afternoon at home, but does not sleep in the day care, perhaps due to so many kids being around. How can I help her sleep again?

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It can be difficult for these little ones to adjust to a different schedule at daycare. For example, if your child is used to napping at a certain time each day, or if he’s used to napping in a certain way (with the shades drawn, with a certain CD playing, etc.), it can be very difficult for him to nap at daycare when that same environment isn’t provided. What’s more, daycare is usually a more stimulating place than home — there’s lots of noise, lots of toys, lots to see and do. This extra stimulation can make it hard for a baby to wind down enough to take a nap. If this is the case, consider writing out your child’s daily routine and asking your daycare providers to follow it as best they can. You may also want to consider sending familiar items from home that will help reproduce your child’s napping environment. These might include sheets and bedding, a “lovey”, a lullaby CD, etc. A good daycare will be willing to work with you and will attempt to accommodate your child’s needs.

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Kids catch up very quickly and they know what they should be doing when. As your child is in the daycare, there is little that you can do. I had the same problem with my daughter and she really gets cranky if she does not take her afternoon nap. But slowly after she settled down and became friends with everyone she started napping again. Perhaps your child would also learn. You can perhaps make a request at the day care centre and ask them to help you out. I did this and it really helped me :)

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Well! It is obvious to happen. You know how it is if we have to sleep at a friend's place or somewhere else! We have a sound sleep at a place where we everyday sleep, so same is with the baby. She would take some time to adjust, and will adapt. May be you can tell the daycare person to spend a little more time patting her, or you can let her take her favourite toy, and she can sleep while keeping it by her side. Do not worry, she will soon adjust.

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i think initially it's a big change for her, so she may not be able to relax and sleep the way she did at home. and with so many kids around, i am sure there's a lot of noise as well, which could prevent her from sleeping. once she settles down, she will gradually start feeling more at ease and may even sleep when she feels tired. if it is allowed, ask the staff if you can send a favourite sleep toy along.

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She might find it difficult to fall asleep in places apart from home. It is fine. If she is really tired, she will take a nap regardless of where she is. Kids sometimes find it hard to take naps at exact timings (as per child care schedule).

It might be due to the activities she had in the morning and that sets her "wanting to play" mode. She will get used to her environment as she gradually settles in the day care. Don't worry so much as when a child gets tired, she will sleep.

A friends's daughter has a similar problem. What helped was that she started sending her daughter's favourite blanket and toy with her to daycare. This helped the child feel a little more comfortable and helped her sleep better.