2month take a long time to sleep at night

Hi! I have a 2month old whos bedtime routine starts at 9pm and she will fall asleep around 1030pm but will wake up after sleeping for 30mins. Then i will make her sleep again and she will wake up AGAIN after sleeping for 30mins :( she Will only sleep the long stretch of 5hours much later like around 1am onwards. Her naps in the afternoon ranges from 30mins to 2hrs which is pretty standard for newborns and im thankful that she can sleep for 5hours stretch at night. But i dont understand why isit taking so long for her to sleep that long stretch. #firsttimemama #First_Baby

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You are lucky. My 7 wks baby slps for few minutes and wake up. Doesnt go to sleep much!!

3y ago

How u coping?