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It gets even more challenging when toddlers turn into preschoolers! Share your experiences, and ask questions regarding health, nutrition, daycares, enrichment classes, school admissions, and anything else regarding preschoolers.

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Would you spend much on pre school educAtion?
I think we can spend on preschool education, but there's no need to go overboard. If you can afford it, sure - get a "good" school or even send your child to a few playgroups etc. If you can't, it'
Hi all, do u know of any enrichment class w parents accompanied for 3 yo?
What kind of enrichment classes are you looking for? If it's just for play (not academic focused), you can consider Busy Tables - I think they have parent-accompanied programs!
What budget do you have for a 4 year old girls simple party with 15 friends.
Depends on ur budget 🤔
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Do you allow your kids to play gadgets/ipads often? If so, for how long?
1 hour of gadget a day
My kinder doesn't like her new school and told me to just let her stay at home after her first day. I talked to her and asked her reasons then assured her that things will get better and she just have
samahan nyo muna sya lagi. and dapat ineencourage din ng school na safe at sila na bahala sa bafa
Should I send my 18 months daughter to a half-day or a full-day pre-school/enrichment centre or should I wait till she's older before putting her in for such long hours?
if you can afford, better to put her in a play school
What's the safest treatment for syringoma for kids? My little girl is 4, turning 5 this July.she has one in her right eye lid. She had it about a week ago.
anu po ung syringoma hehe

Recognise alphabets

At what age do kids recognise alphabets?
In Singapore is it compulsory to attend Kindergarten ?
No, only from Primary School onwards