It gets even more challenging when toddlers turn into preschoolers! Share your experiences, and ask questions regarding health, nutrition, daycares, enrichment classes, school admissions, and anything else regarding preschoolers.

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My younger son is 4yrs old this year, he still cant recognize all alphabet and number. How to help?
do more practice
Teach him po. Panu nya malalaman kung walang nagtuturo. Kung 4 yrs old na pwde mo sya ipasok na sa school.
I found alot of alphabet songs on youtube and thats how my daughter learnt it. I find that she learns better with music. Make it fun
Practice only , keep them fun at read n listening activities than playing with toys .. it will help
keep practicing with your son. get elder kid to help too
What kind of toys do you find educational and fun for your preschooler?
Activity books and board games!
How about some activity books instead of toys?
activity books, story books, blocks,pegs, beeds, colouring books, painting on canvas
try books yung puro pictures n books. para habang maaga humilig sa pagbabasa ng libro
Lego duplo and magformers...
My two year old has suddenly turned stubborn and it gets every embarrassing for me to handle him in public. Is anyone else facing the same problem?
dedma lang sa mga tumitingin. those eyes na nagjujudge sa moms na may nagtatantrums na anak,isipin mo na lang,hindi pa sila nagkaka anak.hehe. from 2 years old now,3 years old na nag anak ko,ganon p d
It’s the terrible 2. Each time I just tell myself it will get over soon n actually my child is trying to explore n communicate but can’t at the moment. Have to be thick skin in public .
Bka mejo naiispoiled po..
yes.... sometimes I just leave him alone and let him finish his "show" before I walk over and pick him up
Me😓😭😭 I dont know how I should handle him
Which mobile apps would you recommend for 3-4 yr olds on Apple App Store?
My 3yr boy using greysprings kindergarten app .. u may try it it’s good though
My girls start their gadgets at 10 years old. I don’t recommend below 7 though still too young to understand the gadget world. But if u do get them do child lock the phone n YouTube to the appropriate
None. read to them. Bring them to the playground
I don’t recommend toddlers at this age to use any mobile device.
I downloaded this App for my daughter call 'ABC Phonics' by Pink Fong. I like how they make learning so fun with cute songs and animation and interactive activities. They have other apps that a
My three year old does not sleep early and only dozes off around 2 in the night. What do I do to make her sleep early?
Try to complete all the tasks of her early than regular , by 9.30 try to switch off lights n u also make ready to sleep , pretend like sleeping until she sleeps , if u wake up n lights on they don’t s
Gnyan din anak ko noon.. since nagscul n sya di ko n pinagnanap sa hapon kya 7.30pm tulog na sya 😁
Does you child sleep lots during the day? If so, cut down on morning or afternoon naps and include lots of activities in the day to tire out your child. Also start getting into the habit of a consiste
Let her nap in the afternoons be short. Also, in the evenings either take her to the parks, make her run around, or play music for her and let her dance and jump. If she will be exhausted, she will sl
i can share some tips that helped my 2 year old set a bedtime pattern, she sleeps by 8 every night and sleeps through the night. 1. try to reduce her day time naps and distract her with other activ
Is it advisable to get a dog when children are around the age of 3? How do pets help to enhance a child's growth?
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It depends on your desire to keep a pet and the ability to maintain one. Yes, having pets can have many positively effects on kids. They teach them empathy, compassion, responsibility, and most of all
It helps to be responsible and they will know how to care.
I think they help in terms of emotional and social development. Kids and dogs are Super similar in a sense as well so perhaps that’s why!
I heard dogs r more pet frndly than any other pets .. but check it out their vaccination etc .. before heading in to it
Children learn to be more caring with pets around so i would say it's fine.
Do your kids have pets? What are the benefits of having pets for kids?
We have a dog and the kids absolutely love her. Similarly, our pet loves the kids too. It’s definitely a two way street. I noticed that because of the dog, the kids are a lot more empathetic, they car
Mas nagiging mlmbibg cla binibaby kc yung pusa at tuta
No, we don't have. For me dagdag sa asikasuhin lang. Di kasi ako fond of pets. Sakto lang. Though I grew up having a dog sa bahay. For me mas gusto ko mga bata kesa pets na alagaan.
Hi. You may find this article useful:
Yes I have two cats. It teaches compassion, responsibilities too. And they have a friend to be their play mate. However my boy is 3 years old so I constantly need to assist and guide him. He feeds
How do you respond when your little girl tells you all the kids at school are mean to her?
This is such a good question. I always tell my girl to be polite but stand up for herself. There is no need to engage in physical violence and that she should confront her bullies and ask them to stop
First of all, you need to identify the situation. What kind of things are all the girls saying to your child? Are they offensive, mean, or out of line or are they general run-of-the-mill teasings. If
Sumbong nya sa teacher nya and tell her to stay away from those kids. If it will happen again then it's time for you mom to talk to the teacher para lagi nyang bawalan yung mga bata.
Talk to the teacher and tell them the dilemma if your child. Its sad when you hear your child telling that
Would be furious, then worried at first. But will try to understand better from my child before acting on anything. Will give her some time to share the details with me, instead of forcing it out from
Would you allow your preschooler to watch tv programmes? Would you allow selective shows and accompany the child to watch? Do you fix a time schedule or day?
Halos cartoons lang sya. Since hindi rin ako mahilig manuod since pinanganak ko sya (more on tulog kase ako after work) kaya hindi sya into tv. Toys lang sya saka ipad. Pero yung pagpapahiram ko ng ip
May screen time po at ksma dpt kaung manuod
Yes watch lang ng age apropiate shows for her on tv tapos nakabantay ako. Otherwise, netflix ng pawpatrol, dora, pj masks.. ganyan lang. Tapos 1-2hrs a day
Be sure its suitable for kids and let them know the dos and donts when watching tv
Yes selected shows. The most important thing is to accompany your child when watching shows, as it’s a good time for educational learning e.g. when they show something not very appropriate, you can us
My 7 year old son falls sick easily upon attending K1 onwards, what could be the reasons?
Could be his immune system etc. It's quite common, do get some supplements for the pharmacy
Change of weather and environment.
It could be because of the change in environment, and I would suggest washing hands frequently.
His immune system might not be as robust as needed to counter germs and bacteria. Check with pediatrician for recommended vitamins or go to TCM to Take some herbal medication to improve his immunity
He is also building his own resistance and immunity However do give him loads of fresh fruits, veg etc Supplements, multivitamins, vit c? Even the gummy Chews could help