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Can I give munakka to my two-year-old?
10pla ahh,ohnnmm triY mo,ommmmnmmm??n Ngalit oa naman ngaun
ako,20 aq 2 0yer old kumakaiN na nga ang ng ganyan tulad ng sau,mmm;mmm.
I give mine manuka umf5 daily too with EVCO.
yes. I give mine daily. but I give them manuka umf 5
My daughter has got her oral polio vaccines from her paediatrician. Should she still take the polio drops given by the government officials who go door to door every other month under the government'
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no need
If she's already taken it, she wont need to take Govt's as well
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Pds vaccination is good enough
She has already taken oral polio from her paediatrician, no need to take again from government officials
If she has already taken the oral polio from her pediatrician, as far as I know you can skip the Government polio dose but just double check with you pediatrician.
Has your little one ever asked you for a baby sister or baby brother? How did you tackle that question?
Tell the truth no matter what age your little one is. If you guys are planning to have another child you can simply say yes we hope too as well. Or no sweetheart, and explain why.
I will tell them. When time is ready, a baby sister or brother will be here for you
I just got my little one's ears pierced. What should I do to make sure that there is not infection?
Just apply coconut oil over there every 2 or 3 hours for initial few days
Keep the area dry. Avoid letting the baby to tug at their ears
Keep the are dry, do not leave moist. Thats what i did for my girl. I got her ears pierced at 3 months old. Dry thoroughly after baths.
My five-year-old just asked me- Mummy , can two girls marry each other? How am I supposed to respond to this question?
Just to add, SG society is not ready for LGBT yet but if you wish to change the future, try to let them know is normal and most importantly we shouldn't criticize other people's life choices. Hopefull
I like this simple clarification "My kids have known about gay relationships pretty much since they've known about straight ones. People fall in love, some people fall in love with people who are of t
Tell the truth. Explain to her the nature of man and women and in this case mum and dad. Many times in Singapore i notice parents tend to overly baby talk. That is not healthy. We should always tell t
my kid has also asked me the same, and she asked me this about a man and man, as well as a woman and woman scenario. to be honest, i was very truthful to her about the entire LGQBT thing. as your k
i think you should answer this with an open mind and heart. instead of focusing much on the gender, i suggest you tell her that a grown up can marry any person that he or she truly loves and wants to
Can I give quinoa to my toddler?
Ohh yes, it is great food with many nutritional benefits.Start with a little amount to look for any allergic reactions.
Yes, totally! Quinoa is a rich source of Fibre and Iron. It has a great nutritional value. Infact, if your kid is being picky about vegetables, quinoa would certainly be great for them if added to the
Of course, Quinoa is refered to as a super food and is very nutritious. You can definitely give you toddler Quinoa, just make sure the quantity isnt too much for the 1st time.
My baby has a lot of hair. What can I do to remove it?
the body hair will reduce naturally as your baby grows older. if you really want to try a home remedy, you can make a paste of besan and milk and apply it on your baby's skin before bath, as a mas
My friend has invited me for her son's birthday. Her son has Autism and I dont know what should I give him as gift. any suggestions?
I think the best thing to do here would be to speak to the parents first and then pick a gift
Pls ask the mother. Be kind in ur words and ask her as to what she feels would be a good gift for him. Ask her to give at least 2/3 ideas so u can get at least 1. Or search online as to whats a good
My daughters Milk teeth have still not fallen. She would be 6 soon. What should I do?
Ur daughter isn't late! :) Most milk teeth start falling around the time the child is 6, so be ready, as it'll happen any time now !
Hi milk teeth usually will drop at 5-6 years old but for some it doesn't start to drop till 7yo. I think you should be happy her milk teeth haven't dropped yet as this means her teeth is healthy! I th
My daughter has a very itchy bum and she scratches it quite a lot. What could be the problem?
Is it possible that her bum area doesn't get properly dry and remains wet after a shower or clean up? Make sure you help her dry properly each time she uses the washroom. Other than that, apply a goo
Does she still wear diapers? Some diapers have these elastic lining near the thighs for proper grip and to avoid leakage. It could be the elastic or the quality of diaper. Leave her open without diape