My mother-in-law (MIL) is the caregiver of my child and everytime I fetch my child home, she will give a goodbye kiss my MIL. A kiss on the cheeks is ok, but how do I tell my MIL not to kiss on the lips?

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From the every beginning I have taught my baby to do flying kiss, and he doesn't kiss anyone not even on the cheek. I guess, in your case, you can tell your MIL nicely that the baby is small now, but he will grow developing the same habit, and it will not be good hygienically also if he kisses other people also on their lips. So, you guys will have to collectively work for him to give up this habit, and that you guys can begin by teaching him to either give a peck on the cheek or give a flying kiss. I am sure she will understand your concern without feeling bad.

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When my kid did the same once, I told my kid infant of my inlaws that he should never do that. Later, I explained to them that I teach him so because kid being a kid, he doesn't know whom to kiss and whom not to, and if someone else will ask him for a kiss, he would kiss others too on the lips, which is not at all right. So, I tell him not to kiss anyone on the lips. I handled the situation diplomatically and they got it. It didn't offend anyone and the problem was also solved.

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I think you could let her known that you feel uncomfortable with kisses on the lips, and that you don't even do that yourself. This is a pretty sensitive topic to bring up as your MIL may feel hurt if you tell her that you don't want her to do that. I'd suggest telling your child to give goodbye kisses on your MIL's cheeks also, instead of allowing your MIL to kiss her on the lips.

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You can tell her casually about some cases where relatives gave a baby a kiss on the mouth and the baby contracted some virus/ illness and passed away. She may get the hint that way? Or ask your hubby to speak to her. Emphasise it’s about the child’s health, and I don’t think she will be offended. Good luck.

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first, talk to your MIL and tell her that you are uncomfortable with your baby kissing anyone on the lips. today it is your MIL but your baby will not understand the difference between her and some stranger. instead, a flying kiss or a wave should be the preferred way.

i think talk to your MIL directly and explain your concern. tell her that you want to teach your baby about certain safety things and not kissing on the lips is also part of the plan. instead of the lips, your MIL can hug your baby and kiss on the head, or cheeks.

Every time you catch him doing it, sit him down and explain to him, patiently and kindly, why it's inappropriate to do. If you're in good terms with your mother-in-law, maybe you two can work out a plan on how to make your child stop

Maybe drop hints? Like in a nice way. Say like 'oh the other day i saw this video whoever kiss the baby and thing happened..' so i think u shouldn't kiss on the lips 😝

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Me.. i always give hints to anyone whoever try to touch and kiss my baby... no matter its on lips or any where.. sometimes i'n straighforward in telling them

Do not hesitate tell frankly kisses on lips may cause allergy to kids so ask him to avoid it