My mother-in-law does not leave my newborn baby alone even for a second. While I know she wants to take care of the child, how do I ask her to leave me alone with my baby for sometime in the day?

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I suggest, tell her politely that mummy I think you should also take little rest and we too shall sleep for a little while. Or you can tell her that mummy I think that from now on after feeding the baby, we both will rest for a while as I hardly get any time to rest or am not able to sleep properly during nights, so every day I will sleep during the day. MIL's are very smart, she will take a cue, and you will get time for yourself.

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3y ago

Either my mil is thick skinned (act blur) or just not smart enough to take the hints.

If you've tried being subtle and it hasnt worked (e.g. you should take some rest; we will go have a sleep ourselves), then go out and dont tell her where you are going. If all else fails, ask your hub to have a quiet word


Thank her and tell her you appreciate her care and attention for the baby, tell her also that she needs her rest too. In the meantime while she rests, you can have quality time with your baby too

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Your Husband is the best person to talk to her. Tell her she should rest

take the baby into a room and close the door.

Besr person to talk to ur mil shld be your hub

Be firm with her It’s your baby

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Talk to her