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Im planning to get a helper to take care of my baby when im back to work. However, i am worried to leave just the helper and baby alone at home. Any suggestion what i could do? I heard about bring helper to in law or parents house in the day but both side also working in the day. :(

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I Change 2 helper from Myanmar and Indonesia who are not experienced of taking care baby. They need alot of months and time to guide them. Unless u really close 1 eyes. There are good helper too. Is just luck. My helper are not experience. They dun know what is dangerous. Long story. I do have neighbour leave baby and helper at home with camera. Helper 10 years experience taking care baby in Singapore. But she require Sunday off and hp with her at all time. I can see when she bring baby out she play with phone and with earphone. So it really depends. Otherwise you take care yourself. I am looking after myself. Till he 2 yrs old then put child care.

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2y ago

Yah lo. Alot of people say is all about luck whether you get a good or bad one. I cannot and wont choose the idea of quitting job to baby sit my baby till 2years old as i also need to earn and help my husband out. Its never easy to live in SG. 😂

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We tried to get helper to take care of baby alone but my boy totally rejected the helper. Think there is a lot of trial and error. Make sure you get a good helper who is v experienced with babies. Install CCTVs too!

Install security camera at home and if possible, get your mum or mil to drop in every day or alternative days at unexpected timings to check on her.

2y ago

Welcome, hope that helps to put things in perspective!

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Put cctv? For me, i chose infant care over helper haha.

2y ago

Yeah, i also think about it overnight that better to put in Infant care. 😅


Infant Care?

2y ago

Sorry to chip in but infant care is not about taking care of baby. The staff at infant care are trained and certified to take care of babies and will also teach, interact and stimulate your baby. Your baby will get to socialise with other kids too. There is accountability too.