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Just want to rant. My mil promised to take care of my 3 months old baby for a month. However after she realized my husband also took leave to stay at home for the baby, she keeps saying why need 2 people to take care of the baby and always disappear in the afternoons and leave my husband alone with the baby. I know some dads are excellent baby caretakers but my husband is not one of them, he’s still clumpsy and a little bit scared. He has to beg his own mother to stay and help everyday although she already promised to. When she stays, she complains about the way I take care of baby, saying I’m ma fan and overly concerned. We are always very polite towards her and my husband still gives her 600 monthly allowance (not saying that she has to help because of the money). A promise is a promise, especially to loved ones, isn’t it. I just don’t know how to face this kind of irresponsible grandmother..

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True that a promise is a promise. But maybe its a way to make her son more independent and learn the hard way. Parents have taken care of us for so long, and for us to depend on then to take care of our own it might be tiring for them to go thru the phase again even for a mth. Maybe she changed her mind after seeing how tiring it gets and her old age is catching up.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm also experiencing the same with my mil. I'm not frastrated or upset with her but hope she can be more responsible especially the baby is their grand children and we are first time parent :(

Tell her honestly that your husband is learning it during this period when she help out, so that when she not ard he know what to do. Sometimes i need sweet talk is needed esp elderly

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Gosh, I feel you!! That's totally irresponsible but I guess old folks have their own whims and fancies. I hope you'll be able find someone to help out soon!


all I can say is both have different views on parenting give and take. just bear with it and let her know that since you've promise us please help.

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Can totally understand why you are upset..

Sounds like a useless MiL.