my husband suggested going to the Night Safari since we both havent been there. but now that im preggers, my parents freaked out and said i shouldnt be looking at animals! anyone else believe in that?

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That's an odd belief! But then again, I had posters of really cute Anne Geddes babies stuck onto my bedroom walls - only because my in laws had encouraged me to look at cute and pretty things. Looking back now, I can only laugh at myself for actually doing it.

my parents said the same thing too, Melissa! And when my mum was preggers, she had posters of cute babies stuck on her wardrobe in their bedroom too, just like Pavin :P I guess, it's all up to your own thoughts and whether you believe it or not ;)

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I went to the Night Safari when I was pregnant and everything turned out fine! My kids are all super cute...Lol! I think it's just old wives' tale so it's up to you whether you wanna follow. :)


I don't think there would be any issue with you going on the river safari. Just watch your step getting into and out of the boat though.

Never heard of this particular myth! I'm sure it's just an old wives tale.

I dont think that exactly matters :)