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Anyone bought long sleeved PJs for confinement? I'm looking for a few nice ones which i would not mind wearing (no hello kitty or strange prints, please!) and wonder where to get them? Hopefully with
I bought a pyjama set for my best friend from Marks & Spencer and she used it during confinement. I also bought another set for her from Primark in London and they were soooo cheap (5pounds for top an
I bought my pyjamas from Mothercare - nursing friendly as they have buttoned down top to facilitate breastfeeding. I also bought some simple pyjamas from pasar malam. You can also check the market
Cotton on body too. I find the pjs really comfortable for such humid weather in Singapore.
Cotton body! Material is thin and comfy and the designs are not cheapo. Buy them during the sale and remember to get a size smaller as the materials tend to expand after several washes.
I bought mine from Qoo10, cheap and comfortable.
Saw some pregnant mums sharing that their bodies have produced colostrum and they are using syringes to draw the milk out. Why does this happen? I thought breastmilk only comes after bb is delivered?
Great questions. What these women are doing are called antenatal expression. Basically colostrum is a fluid which is produced by the breast from about the twentieth week of pregnancy and during th
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I wouldn't intefere with the body's natural evolution. Colostrum is very high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies and low in fat allowing it to be digested by newborns easily. It has everything a
Hi yes, some mummies start producing colostrum even before giving birth. But do be careful if you wanna extract colostrum this way as it may trigger labour.
On the day of delivery, is there any herbs to avoid? Worried about excessive bleeding or affecting the baby.....
Herbs should be avoided during pregnancy. During delivery, gynae will do blood transfusion if you have excessive bleeding. However if you are worrying about the lochia (postpartum bleeding), s
If you're worried, don't take any herb at all. There is a long list of herbs which are advised against during pregnancy, so it's better to be safe than sorry.
I suspect my single friend is pregnant... she's looking a little bloated on her face and she has been avoiding sashimi (which is her faveeee!) and complains that her colleague's perfume stinks when sh
Maybe she is not comfortable to announce yet. Some people have beliefs that only can announce after 1st trimester.
If she feels like letting you know, she will and there's no need to ask.
I agree. Be more sensitive and let her tell you in due time. If you're not sure how to ask, then don't ask.
Don't be so kpoh lah. She will tell you when the time is right. There are many women who have gone through miscarriages before, so they prefer to just not talk about it till after the first trimester.
Is it important to know? I'm sure they will say when they are ready and if they don't want to there must be a reason behind it. :)
Mums, have you bought a car seat for your newborn? Should we get those bassinet type or a car seat? Im worried the newborn will be too small to sit comfortable since they're not well-developed for sit
There are infant car seats out there in the market. They are slightly more reclined than the usual car seats with the 5 point harness. If I am not wrong, the bassinet type cannot be used as a car seat
Did anyone not realise they were pregnant until past the first tri? i had a friend who didnt know (she was breastfeeding her toddler) and only found out when she was 14 weeks!
I had a friend who found out at 13 weeks ! She had a teenage boy at that time. It was very shocking that she didnt know about it
Anyone has made their husbands run out in the middle of the night to get a craving sorted?
My first preg. My hb crave for kfc lor. 3am drag the preggy wife go airport eat kfc.. Lol. Juz Becoz after watching undercover boss. Lol.. My first preg my hb got all the crave and itchy.. Me only mor
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i did. and my pregnancy craving is really crazy. Some craving cant be satisfied in Singapore. Had to called someone to delivered from certain place or fly to other country to get the particular food a
i did it once, I asked for a McDonald's breakfast platter in the middle of the night, at around 2am. Breakfast only starts at 4 or 5 am so I said I'd wait but ended up falling asleep anyways. When I w
I wouldn't say I did.. but my ex husband was working shifts so every night he would call me on his way back and asked what would I wanna eat :) I also get to decide our meals most of the time haha!
Yes. A large tub of haagen dazs ice-cream, salted caramel biscuit and cream flavour. From the nearby petrol station. Haha. Not that mean!
Resourceful mamas! Any amazing Black Friday deals to share for maternity clothes??
Paranoid mum asking: what should we do if baby has nipple confusion??
This is how the bottle looks like and you can get from toyrus singapore or buy from amazon directly.
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I would like to suggest First Years Breastflow bottle to avoid nipple confusiong if you intend to do both latching and bottle feeding. The bottle mimic the suckling motion of latching, i.e. baby need
My baby is exclusively breastfed. When she was a newborn, she had a bottle or two of expressed breast milk per day. I was also worried about nipple confusion so I bought a lot of bottles (Pigeon,
Agree with Nalika to stick to your choice. Either bottle or boob. Nipple confusion occurs because of the different mechanism used in sucking. Bottle feeding does not require a correct latch to f
Decide on the nipple you'd rather have your baby taking - yours or the bottle's - and stick to that at least for some time.
Hi mummies, do we need to wash the breastmilk storage bags before using?
They need not be washed. They are pre sterilised.
No need to wash as breastmilk bags are per-sterilized already.
Breastmilk storage bags are already pre-sterlillzed for your convenience so no washing is required.
Breastmilk storage bags are pre-sterilised and do not have to be washed but breastmilk storage bottles do.
Oh please don't. Since they are already pre-sterilized washing it with any type of water contaminates the bag. Just use them as they are. Most if not all breastmilk bags are also individually