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Does anyone knows how much it is to engage a face painter and a balloon sculptor? Appreciate some recommendation. Many thanks! :D
Hi I have a balloon sculptor and she only charges $80/hr. I hired her for my son's bday party. Her name is Doris and her number is 98008680.
Balloon Sculptor is about $150 for 1 hour. They usually have a package for it. I engaged the following vendor, here's their link. http://www.jellybeanparty.sg/packages.html
If your baby takes a bottle or nurses to sleep, how do you clean their teeth? There's been talk that nursing to sleep or taking the last feed may lead to tooth decay.... but it's just not practical to
So far, there has not been any substantial evidence that links night-time nursing to dental cavities as milk flows to the back of the baby's throat when they are nursing. My baby nurses to sleep a
Are there Mandarin classes we could take our tots too? Besides Cheng Zhu, that is, as the location is rather off. Would prefer somewhere East or Central, if possible. Thanks much!
Hi, for young children, Berries World is recommended. The lessons are very interactive and fun for children. For nursery level (which starts as young as 2.5 to 3 years old), they will learn to recogni
I'm feeling like a lousy mother! my toddler was misbehaving yesterday, and ive been shouting at her, hitting her and pulling her. now I feel sooo awful about it. I've tried speaking to her nicely and
Patience my friend. As adults we don't pay heed to many of our well wishers, right? I know it can get very frustrating but all I can say be patient and most of the times the forgiving nature and patie
Kids can be over smart to get something they want to the point of being frustrating so they need to be reprimanded for bad behaviour. If you are going through other difficulties try to talk to your cl
i feel most of the time when moms loose it, its more to do with their frame of mind than the kids behaviour, take a break..may be ur exhausted , tired or frustrated..
Ok firstly, you are not a lousy mother. Kids are challenging and we all need an extra dose of patience not to lose our cool in a situation like that. Next time just make sure you are in control of th
May I know how old is your kid? I think we all have to learn that kids will always be kids and we cannot set expectations that they will take instructions or listen to us like an adult..
My friend is travelling to visit and she forgot to inform them about the bassinet request. will the check-in counter automatically allocate the bassinet seats to her plus a bassinet, when they see her
You can request for the bassinet at the check-in counter but it will not be confirmed as it's based on first-come-first-serve and there are limited number of bassinets onboard.
It should be prebooked. You can ask her to check with airlines stuff upon checking in to see if there is any more front seats for bassinet.
When she checks in, she may request for a bassinet seat if it is still available. Otherwise, the airline will provide an infant seatbelt. It is ultimately safer to pre-book the seats.
If offering avocado and fruits, do we need to steam them first? if so, for how long? thanks!
Nope, don't have to steam or blend it. It's already soft and creamy by nature so it's pretty much hassle free to prepare it:) I've just started solids for my 6month old boy today with avocados. Ju
For a 6-month-old baby, it's really just important to make sure food is soft. Another is to make sure they're the size of your middle finger so they're long and thick enough for the baby to pick up, s
Definitely no need to dream avocado cos it's creamy when ripe and you can scrape off directly to feed. Harder fruits like apples or pears can be lightly steamed (about 5 minutes). I've tried to sc
You will require steaming for food that is hard but for avocados, you can offer directly to your baby by mashing with a fork and you can add milk to control the consistency of the puree. Steaming o
Fruits cut into strips shape.
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My friend's mum discovered some money missing, and saw some notes hidden in between her helper's clothing one day. how can she speak to the helper about it? there are only 2 other adults in the house.
This is a tricky situation and unless there is absolute evidence that the maid has stolen it, I would treat the missing cash as gone forever. It also serves as a lesson to keep valuables locked and
I think that she should not speak to the helper about it until she is sure that it is her money. They should probably monitor the situation for some time and keep track of the amount of money they hav
This is a tricky situation. What will you do if you find out that she is the one taking the money? Do you intend to send her back?
She should definitely talk to her helper after checking with the other 2 adults.
Are there any nice Xmas buffet promo to try? Hoping to go for a feast!
Try Starz Restaurant at RWS. Their Xmas buffet dinner Dinner buffet is priced at S$68++ per adult and S$34++ per child.
Any suggestions on gift ideas for a 12yo? She's going to Sec 1 next year and we're not sure what to get.
That's a very tricky age. I bought my niece some age-appropriate make up. With her mum's permission of course! She absolutely LOVED the gift!
Do you have a budget Juliana?
thanks for the suggestions, mums! yeah, the Tween stage is kinda tricky, for sure. haha!
How about tickets to an upcoming concert she really likes? Or a play or a musical.
depends on her interests! if she likes ! But to be at safer ends I would just get her gift cards! at this age kids want to decide what they want to buy
hi ladies, do you believe in helping the child "like" their new teacher by getting the teacher to "buy a gift" for the child? the gift is bought by the parents but the teacher will do the action of pr
Not a good idea. Let them both take their time to settle with each other. Bribing will not their relationship anywhere in the long run.
That is not advisable. You may end up teaching your child something different. It would be better if the teacher can have bonding time with activities together with the child. That would be a much app
Well! I think if the teacher agrees in doing this, she is not a confident teacher. As parents I can understand our concern and also can relate to the idea that you got, but I don't think as a teacher
erm..so far nvr get that idea..better not its consider like a lie..its better that he or she learn it as from there she or he will understands.
I have not heard of this practice and I seriously think that it should not be encouraged. You wouldn't want your child growing up to expect gifts from every new teacher he or she meets. A person of au