husband is covid positive.

hello Mummies! my husband did a self ART test last 2 nights & it shows positive, he went to see a doctor last night & also PCR test shows positive is now awaiting for MOH to get back if he gets to do home recovery etc. however my main concern is that, if he still doesnt get well in these few days, will he be able to accompany me in the labour ward?🥺 im alr at 39wks today, alr having signs that labour is starting anytime soon. im rlly scared as he was around during my first labour, i tear everytime i think that i might need to face labour alone. oh, both my 1 year old & myself havent been in physical contact with him since Sunday as i decided to stay in with my mother since labour could happen anytime. do you think we should do an art test as well???😭

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wow. it sounds pretty depressing. your husband will hv to be quarantined for ard 10 14 days so i think most likely he wont be able to accompany you in labour ward. dont worry ok. you can do this. babys and your health is d utmost important now so its best to let your husband to fully recover first ok. newborns and recovering mummies' immune system is really low so you dowanna get infected for now. Nauzubillah. i dont think the hospital will allow your husband to enter too, to protect other patients and newborns. you needa be strong for yourself and baby ok. you got this. dont worry if husband is not ard to accompany. maybe cn ask nurse to video call the process, im not sure. i wish you all the best and may everything goes smoothly amiin. for now maybe just observe your 1 year old for any symptoms but for yourself, you may wanna test first 💪🏻🌻

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my cuzzin hubs positive covid a day before her delivery, so her sister accompany her during labour. may all goes well for you dear