Juat Had A Miscarriage. What Should I Do?

Hi all, today is supposed to be my 9th week. I went to the gynae for a scan and found out that the heartbeat of my baby had stopped. My husband and I were devastated. Until now, we cannot believe it happened. The gyane suggested that i can go for an operation to remove my baby, or i can allow my body to let my baby out naturally which might take up to 2 months. He also suggested a third way, which is through medication but he said it might not be very effective. May i know which way should i follow? Is there any food or anything that i can do to prepare for next pregnancy? I am at a loss.

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So sorry for your loss. I had a silent miscarriage last Dec and opted for the D&C procedure as I do not wish to wait for weeks not knowing when it will be discharged out. I did the procedure 2 weeks after the news, so you can take some time to decide on the options available. After which, I did 2 weeks confinement to nurse my body back to health. Don’t worry about what to prepare for the next pregnancy. I didn’t prepare for it and 3 months later I am pregnant again. Your gynae will let you know when it’s good to try again. All the best, be strong! 💪🏻

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2y ago

Thank you very much. So far, i dont have any discharge. After discussion with my husband, we decided to do D&C as we wish to move on. We had been crying these few days, wondering why the baby was given to us and then taken away. I appreciate your answer and consolation very much. Now we need to find a gynae to do the D&C.

i’m so sorry for your loss and i hope you are feeling better now. I opted for operation when i miscarriage and ordered 2 weeks confinement food, i also diligently visited TCM thereafter to prepare for my next pregnancy.

2y ago

Thank you very much. My husband and I cried alot these few days. It was hard to accept but we hope to move on. We decided on D&C. Now we are looking for a gynae to do it. I appreciate your response and consolation very much.