Hi mummies, I know that couples should have sex regularly but my lo is now 17mo and we've not had it since I was preggers. I love my hubby lots but when it comes to sex, there's just no urge to (maybe low sex drive also) and now there's no time and energy to do so. Anyone else shares the same experience?

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Don’t worry it’s normal . The kids really drain us out . But once kid is bigger the attraction to be intimate will comes but now still can intimate like kiss and hugs do show some affectionate even if it’s not for sex .

Same here! Havent been having sex with my husband ever since the pregnany of no.2 2 years ago. I will try to make an effort. a short and simple one also ok. My husband is satisfied.

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I would say it's normal. Fatigue are usually one of the cause. But i will try to make an effort to have sex w my husband. A quick one also he is happy

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perfectly normal. i had a point where i didn't have any urge at all. guess what? it used to be thrice a day and suddenly to nothing at all.

Same since preg we didn't have sex until when my boy was 12 Mths old, we had once which was like 2 Mths ago already

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are you still breastfeeding? Breastfeeding does affect our hormones to be low and dry for sex drive...

likewise. my lo already 14 mths and still no sex. my husband doesn't seem keen to do to or ask for it.

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i think it is quite normal. parenting is tiring.

mine was after 1 year from birth of bb

It's normal, just too tired