My first boyfriend recently just added me on Facebook. And as I was scrolling through his timeliness looking at his pictures, I felt all fuzzy inside and very tempted to contact him and ask him out for coffee. He has a girlfriend now and I'm married with kids. What do you think? No harm right?

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Well, both of you are unavailable. It's best not to tread dangerous waters. Sure, the both of you shared wonderful memories, but that was in the past. There was a reason why the break up happened. There will be another break up if you decide to ask him out for coffee and both of you give in to temptation. Of course, that's assuming he is also open to the idea of cheating on his wife. I would remain Facebook friends, unless you are very sure you can be friends with him i.e. no sexual attraction between each other. From the way you typed your message, it does seem like you're trying to look for something more.

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What is the point in contacting? To reminisce and recall how wonderful your life was with him? Then why are you not with him now? I think it is not wise. I am no longer in contact with any of my exes as I do not see a need to anymore. Do not land yourself in such a situation where your heart gets mess up once again by him. He's doing well? Good for him. So are you! So just move on and be contented with your happy little family and leave him to be as well.

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I think its good to meet and reminisce happy moments spent while they lasted... A coffee date leading NO WHERE would be good..;) You've gone over and beyond now so treading backwards may not be that great a proposition for you or him... He's an X-keep him there...and don't you ask Y... ;0

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I personally would not encourage you to meet up with him if you already feeling this way through the photos. Why would you do something that might cause stains to your marriage or family? Staying and being faithful in a marriage is the first criteria of a marriage.

Very dangerous....don't invite this trouble. It will ruin a lot what u have worked hard to build. U may take him as a friend and he too, but given the history you'll have, how will ur husband and his girlfriend take it?? Not good....

Don't do it. Memories are meant to be kept away safely, why revisit a past you know you can't have and if you do thread down that path, it can only lead to heartbreak and pain? Just let it be.

If the relationship did not end well, and you feel the need for a formal closure, then meet and end it, once and for all. Other than that, there's no need to get together at all.

Of course there is harm. One thing can lead to another and things can quickly turn messy. I would advice to keep such temptations at bay unless you wish to complicate lives.

Oh my better not..Thats not a good idea..To be honest we already happily married and if u add him and ur hubby finds out all hell breaks advice No..

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@chloe is right, if you are asking the question, you know you are treading dangerous waters. (@nazneen you are a scandal!)