i feel so guilty that i have to place my son into child care.. from morning to night.. as i have to return to work on jan.. but we been trying to put him in now so by jan, hope that i can work in peace.. is it alright to leave him and have some of my 'me' time now? i feel so guilty doing so.. he play and awhile will cry for mommy.. is good that he goes to child care right? to learn new things and make friends.. he is 33 months now..

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All moms have such guilt when we go back to work. It is tough. Sometimes adults are the ones who have separation anxiety. Kids will cry but very soon they will forget about it. It is good for kids to go to school to interact with other kids and learn some things and develop social skills and independence. Not too sure about childcare as I still prepare a family member to be main caretaker as I find childcare doesn't feed my kids well. But if no choice don't feel so guilty. Kids adapt very fast. That said I made the decision to leave my job because I could not bear to see my baby crying and not being with her most of the time. I am looking for part time work or work that takes up lesser of my time. Financially yes maybe this will be tough and I may not be able to give my kids the best things but time spent with them is more important to me

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Hey mummy, its a mummys guilt and thats okay. Whats more important is you need to be strong for your baby. You need me time too. Its not selfish, its called self care. By taking care of yourself you are helping baby. Im sure baby wouldnt want a burned out, grumpy mother. Whilst baby is there he is given all the attention needed, he learns new things as well. And by the time you recharge you can give him your 200 percent again. Isnt that more logical and practical. Think of it that way.

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It's perfectly normal to have this mommy guilt when it comes to placing our child in Childcare. But think it in a positive way, your son will be learning new stuffs, learning to be independent in doing things. You will eventually be proud in him doing things on his own. Secondly, its best to place him in now as he needs time to adapt. So by the time you return to work, he will be ready for school and will not have meltdown during drop off. and you would worry lesser when you head back to work

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7y ago

thanks.. glad to hear that.. does he knows that he being put into chilcare is cause of the sister?

If my mom is not helping me with my no1, I definitely put him in childcare! Even with a maid, I can't manage his energy... he's constantly looking for someone to play with at home or asks to go out or find his own entertainment by pouring things on e floor and asks to mop... shakes the doors... etc... LOL!!! He's going to pre-nursery next year . It's a 3 hour Programme. My Mom insist he don't go childcare so she happily tires herself out Everyday to look After him. Haha..

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I did the same when he was 32mo, of no choice cos my no.2 was out. I made an effort to let him have his playground time every sunday... as long he wanted (max was 45mins). He have fun with his sister now and enjoy heading to childcare.