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My husband is very useless. When we go out, he complains that it’s too hot. He refuses to take care of my 2 year old toddler saying I’m the one who wants to go out therefore I should be the one taking care of him. I am pregnant with a second child so it’s taxing for me to keep running after him when he doesn’t want to hold my hand. He expects me to take full responsibility I.e taking care of my son, taking the bag, carrying him. He only wants to play his phone game or use social media or reply to his work even though he’s on leave. Then when we’re at home, he also just lie on the bed the whole day and use his phone. He always say I don’t know how to cook, how to take care of kids, dunno how to teach my child properly. I feel so depressed and tired of trying.

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I feel your woes, my hubby isn't any better than yours.Example. He needs me to tell him to go get the milk powder done for our baby, go take out the rubbish etc. whereas when washing clothes, he will automatically go and wash his own clothes first and spend lesser time with our kid. Am not fine with that, if he doesn't want to be close with kids in the first place, then what is the use of getting settle down? T_T All he ever complained about was me nag and scold him after he had a long tiring day from work. Sigh, men doesn't understand what we have went through the whole day with kids.

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Oh dear, I feel you.. I pray that you find peace and a solution to your problems soon! Experienced the same issues with my ex husband. No respect for me, ego, selfish, childish, etc... I left him. He doesn't deserve my love haha. I've learnt to love myself enough and not let any man treat me terribly. Leaving my ex was the best decision of my life, I'm a happy person now. You're a tough momma, you can be the best mom to your kids! Jia you!

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since he married u then he shld accept ur child as his own instead of being so calculative