swaddle 1 mth old LO

Hi mummies.... Do u swaddle 1 month old LO in the day..??

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You can swaddle your baby up to 6 months it’s in a way good they feel bit more safer and relaxed and can sleep better

3y ago

But that does not mean you swaddle them though out just do it when they sleep

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I use it as a sleep/nap cue for baby, both day and night. Also keeps baby asleep longer

my baby is 22days old and he don't like to swaddle. once I swaddle he start crying

I don't. I only swaddle in the night. I like my LO to move her limbs

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Only at night or when they are cranky in the day and sleepy

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For my LO, most of the time.

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Nope. She didn’t like it

No only when sleeping

Nope. Only at night

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Night only