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Antenatal package?
Hi in kkh also provide antenatal package.. i am in my 29 weeks bt so far I am not aware about this.
when to start Maternity Leave?
Hello Mummies May I know when should start maternity leave My EDD is 4th Jan 2020. As my company is asking me to apply leave so they can find my replacement. but I am nt sure when to start any sugges
I activated my mat leave on the day I delivered... However I requested if I could work from home the week before and that was ok.
If u can endure the morning commute by public, then ask them if u can start 1 week before your edd. Do not waste this precious leave.
I start from the day I deliver too. Need more time to recover and spend with baby after that! Took MC for the week before EDD.
I started on day of delivery too..if you feel well. Some start earlier to have time for themselves before the big event.
I start on my EDD
Is it safe to drink Limca
Hi is it OK to drink this. I am 28 weeks
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Once or twice still OK. Not too often
Delivery charges
Hi mummies I am under subsidy In kkh. just wondering how much delivery charges for normal delivery? so I can start saving my money. and when I can claim all my scan tests all bills from medisave.?
Paid about $1700 upfront when i was admitted to the delivery ward. Claim from medisave will be after delivery, the personnel from kkh will do it for you. After medisave etc they will refund whatever i
paint my hdb house
I just painted my house and paint my Main gate and wooden gate as well . bt now I heard from people that we are not allowed to paint the wooden door. is it true mine is hdb.
Hi, I think you can.
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Yeah, just don't think about it, should be fine
Not really
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Nope. Not true. You can paint your wooden door
Dont think its true. A friend of mine covered the entire door with wallpaper and so far nothing happened. You can also change doors or the gate if u wish too. Its ur own unit afterall so u can do what
Random talk
I just painted my house and paint my Main gate and wooden gate as well . bt now I heard from people that we are not allowed to paint the wooden door. is it true mine is hdb
I’ve never heard of this... we in fact just painted our door. Hmmm
Ya may need to ask for permission
Can, my parent's house they used to paint the door and gate. Until HIP then change new door and gate.
Yes you can.
You can, all goos
Need urgent help
hello mummies can anyone tel me what is the process to change hospital from KKH to any other government hospital. I am under subsidy patient. Thanks in advance
U wanna cng to other hosp??? Kk doc can write new ref letter 4 u. Bare in mind u need to start as new case as new visit the first timer.
you can call KKH hotline to request for the transfer
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call KKH hotline to tell them you’re keen to transfer and they’ll do it for you.
You can try ask KK gynae to write you a referral letter. But you might want to check with the other hospital (the new gynae that you plan to change/see) whether if they want to accept your case. I
Y change
worried, ?
today got scan and doctor found this in baby brain gap seen inferior view of cerebellum. any body knows anything about this please help
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Hi... I’m sorry to learn of this situation you’re facing. Unfortunately this is a medical condition, please consult your gynecologist
Maternity insurance
Hi mummies I am in 22 weeks. May I knw is there any maternity insurance I can take? can we claim all the bills scan test and all in this insurance.
ReadyMummy by Manulife.
hi mummies have so much hair fall. is it normal? I am 22 weeks pregnant
Yes its normal
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Hey, It is normal. Try using Trichoderm shampoo for hairfall
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Perfectly normal, especially during confinement. Do use a good shampoo and maintain a clean scalp at all times
Nothing to worry about, this is perfectly normal! :)