how to do with first trimester vomitting

Hi mummies, I'm currently in my first trimester and have been vomiting everything I've been eating. It's more like a sea sick feeling which makes me giddy and hence the puking. What can i do to lessen the horrible feeling or eat? It's so bad ive been losing weight, about 2kg?

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I lost weight too in first tri and vomiting a lot. Eat smaller portions. And especially when u have appetite, u can eat more. During my first tri nothing much worked to help with vomiting, just had to deal with it (eating n throwing up) but it got better in 2nd tri with no vomiting at all. All the best

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Losing weight due to all the vomitting and no appetite is common in first trimester. Try small portions of meal, munch sour plum, and stay hydrated. I don’t exactly remember but I think your gynae can prescribe you something to reduce vomitting?

I resorted to baby food (those in pouches) because my stomach couldn’t even digest dry biscuits and ginger tea so I was desperate to get nutrients into my body. Apparently, it worked for me. Take care mummy! :)

Try drinking 100 plus to curb the vomiting part and for food wise, eat slices of apples and pears. It works for me. Hang in there yeah ! It will be over soon:)

Sometimes I think TCM is good . I didn’t throw up during my first trimester. Just that some smell of food turn me off

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Eat smaller meals or avoid food that can trigger nausea. Suck some sour plum it might helps.

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I eat smaller portion. And in between have some snacks

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Divide ur meals into more smaller meals in a day

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for me I ate v smaller portion..