Feeling breathless after eating (first trimester)

Hi I have been feeling breathless after every meal. I am around 9 weeks now. Is anyone feeling the same? Makes me not look forward to eating esp I have very bad vomiting too :(

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Eat small but frequent meals? Should help…and yes, slow down your eating pace. Do you do exercise or go for light walks? It might be a good idea to get your heart pumping and improve stamina for the pregnancy. It helps to produce more red blood cells and bring more oxygen to your muscles so that you are not weakened by the fetus sucking away all the energy, blood, water etc. from your own nutritional needs.

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I was the same til week 12.. Breathless and making me feel sick and not wanting to eat much.. So most times I eat two to 3 spoonfuls of rice or cereal each time and I eat every hour small portions, one pc bread, few pcs biscuits just to bring down the hunger pangs. And i felt better less breathless episodes.

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me throughout my first trimester! i ate lesser but more frequent (like every 4hours). got alot better in my 2nd trimester. can eat per normal now

Maybe you can try eating smaller meals and slow down your eating pace :)

I’m feeling the same at week 32 🤣 can’t walk far after meal too