Just feeling down/whack

Mummies, I’m currently in my third trimester and have been feeling bouts of nausea (just like first trimester) and feeling down/anxious/sad about random things. Idk if it’s due to hormones or what. Anyone feeling the same and how do u handle these emotions?

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Super Mum

I had lots of nausea and retching in my 3rd trimester too. I also felt lonely and sad sometimes, which was crazy because my husband and elder daughter were lovely and were with me.. but sometimes the emotions/hormones just go a little crazy. So I would encourage you to go do things that make you happy, and remember and hold onto the good things.. wait for the bad emotions to pass ❤️ As for your nausea, take smaller meals but eat more frequently, and you can go back to taking your anti nausea meds again. Every bit of help counts. Take care:)

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