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Hi all mummies, i would need advices. Is Post Natal Massage required after giving birth?

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It's preferred as it help you to relax and prep your body for sleepless night! Generally it's advice but it's really up to individuals 😊

It’s not necessary but it would be nice to relax and ease your body!

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I did and it really helped with my engorgement issues!

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It’s not a MUST. I didn’t do for my first pregnancy but did massage for my second pregnancy. Whether or not it helps in slimming down depends on individual’s body. For me, it didn’t work.

That time I thought to myself if I can't live with the tummy, better try something. Cos later I was scared can't go back to shape easily.

Dear Mum, I believe it totally depends on the choice. But massage in general makes you feel energised and refreshed as it improves the blood circulation , so you can go for it :)

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I don't think it is necessary but it helps with blood circulation and some ME time for yourself!

i dont think it's necessary but it's good to help with circulation, to help your uterus return to its position/size, and it gives us a break from baby for a little while! :)

It does helps to replenish Qi & Blood Circulation To Regain Vigor, Unblock Ducts For Healthy Flow Of Milk.

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Hi... post natal massages are not really necessary but it has some benefits. Read this article for more information